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❝Working with Irena is always a great pleasure since I get a punctual and exceptional level of service from her and her team at all times. She is always the one reminding us to deliver everything within the prescribed time frame. Irena is very professional, rather reliable, creative and well-skilled PR expert, who always listens to the clients. When working with her you never ask yourself why is she working in public relations – you instantly understand that this her way of living. In case of Oracle, it is also of great importance that she understands in detail the corporate environment.
Rajko Novak, Managing Director at Oracle Slovenia

❝I have been working with Irena for several years. She is very proactive, reliable and creative, and above all she never forgets about her client and about her responsibilities. She understands the client’s visions and expectations at a higher level.❞
Ivo Boscarol, CEO of Pipistrel

❝Being able to explain to everyone what my research work is about and how the results of my research are changing the world and our lives is not easy. However, researchers are increasingly aware of the importance of communication with the public. Irena often helps me with her vast experience. She has enabled me to communicate more effectively, so now I can better explain to everyone what I’m doing and why.❞
Prof. Dr. Damijan Miklavčič, one of the world’s most prominent researchers in the field of electroporation (Faculty of Electrical Engineering , University of Ljubljana)

❝Irena helped us increase the recognition of Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering with her extensive know-how and PR experience. She is like the proverbial good news which travels fast.❞
Doc. dr. Alma Zavodnik Lamovšek u.d.i.a., Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, University of Ljubljana

❝Our “little star” Petra is hard-working, always willing to help others and able to channel her energy into positive action and amazing projects. She is ambitious with her ideas and concrete with her results. Her work is characterized by team spirit, high spirits and dedication to the task at hand. ❞
Ana Lukner, entrepreneur, activist, inspirational speaker and the founder of Ana’s Little Star charity organization

❝I began working with Irena three years ago. Since the first meeting we have had a special and positive energy between us that still accompanies our collaboration today. She embodies all the values that I pursue and appreciate in the partners that we work with. She is a highly professional and responsible person who completes her job with perfection.❞
Alenka Potočnik Anžič, Director of Marketing Communications

❝For more than two years we have now been working extensively with Irena on the promotion of the Lifeclass Terme Sveti Martin spa and Međimurje as a tourist destination on the Slovenian market. Irena functions almost like a subsidiary of our company, as she is capable of implementing jointly defined activities at her own initiative, with creativity and impeccable results. These are always exceptional and measurable. In addition to understanding the the market, Irena has excellent contacts and a broad network. She is an excellent educator, and I believe that every client can learn a lot from her. Irena has a unique approach to the client, always achieving the set results and often exceeding the initial set of defined activities, a true testament that she gives 120%.❞
Saša Vugrinec, Marketing, PR & DR Manager LifeClass Terme Sveti Martin

❝Irena’s most remarkable trait is that she gets the job done, as was agreed, without any reminders. She works on individual projects as well as whole strategies, and is helping us implement our plan of improving the reputation of high-tech professions in Slovenia.❞
Prof. dr. Janez Bešter, Faculty of Electrical Engineering , University of Ljubljana

❝We are collaborating with Irena Pavčič and IPPR on the »We will become engineers!« project. Working with Irena means working with an expert who is always focused on the details that create an impression. To her partners this translates into reliability, hard work which brings results, and high professional and ethical standards.❞
Mag. Edita Krajnović, CEO of Mediade

❝We first worked with Irena Pavčič three years ago on the project of submarine Calypso at the Secondary School Vič, and now she helps our youth research institute Zavod 404. Her advice regarding management of promotional activities has proven to be priceless, and her business contacts have opened many doors for us.❞
Rok Capuder, physics professor at the Secondary School and a manager of institute Zavod 404

❝I have worked with Irena for many years on various tasking communication projects. Her advantages are enthusiasm, precision and creativity. Her important traits are also keeping in line with the budget, meeting and exceeding goals, regular cooperation with the customer and flexibility, which is a very important attribute in the world of communications.❞
Simon Šketa, PR specialist

❝I worked with Petra for a long time and she has proven herself to be a very hard-working and trustworthy employee. She is ambitious, smart, motivated, eager for new knowledge and creative activities. No matter which project she was working on, she always gave 100%, which led to exellent results. I respect her both personally and at the professional level, and I am certain she will always perform her work successfully.❞
Rok Mišvelj, CEO of MPG Plus

❝If you have heard of the Simbioza project, you know that its success is the result of many people working hard, but Irena was the project’s “PR mother”. With her know-how, perseverance, creativity, diligence and dedication she has helped us connect Slovenia. With Irena I have always felt that she engages in the work in a professional manner, with a special commitment.❞
Žiga Vavpotič, Chairman at Outfit7 Ltd

❝I think that a good PR specialist is born, not made, and Irena was definitely born for her job. This is her lifestyle. Her clients can feel this and that is why they trust her.❞
Mitja Petrovič, founder and former CEO of Publicis Slovenia


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